About us in the Climate and Geophysics Computational Section – University of Copenhagen

The Climate and Computational Geophysics Section works with climate and the geophysics on Earth. The geophysical science activities include the physics of the atmosphere, the oceans, and the geophysics of the solid Earth.

Three groups
Currently we have three groups in the section, each headed by a professor, in Meteorology, in Oceanography and in Solid Earth Physics. All three groups have an ever changing number of Postdocs, PhD students, master´s thesis – and bachelor students attached.

Society and Geophysics
Our research areas have become some of the most pressing in the last decades, due to the now widely accepted idea that we, as a race, are causing drastic climate changes. A key element in our research in meteorology and oceanography is to attempt to understand the physical processes behind this and the extremely complicated way in which they interact with one another.

The societal implications for our research are even more obvious if we include the solid earth physics. The search for resources in the underground, whether it is for fresh water, minerals or oil, is of huge importance for modern society.

Apart from that, the basic research in the processes that take place on our planet and shape the world we live in, is a never-ending part of our work.

How do we do it?
We use and design computermodels to predict the behaviour of the physical processes and to this end we utilize classical meteorological measurements, many different types of satellite data, new ocean measurements from deep sea buoys and many seismic measurements.

In short, our research is comprised of some of the most important and current scientifical issues at hand in the world today. It deals with the imminent and fundamental reality millions, even billions of people are living in every day of their lives.