Oceanography at the Climate and Geophysics Section, University of Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen

The ocean is a turbulent fluid and controls climate on time scales from months to millenia. It is also nonlinear: Small scale processes like turbulence and waves affect climate. The research of our group is focused on ocean processes that contribute to the large climate fluctuations observed in the last million years.

Of particular interest to our research is:

Watermass transformation in the Nordic Seas and the Arctic Ocean
In the North Atlantic warm water flows from the Gulf of Mexico into the Arctic Ocean. On its way it loses heat to the atmosphere, which heats Northern Europe. As it cools it also becomes denser and eventually dense enough to sink to 2000 meter depth and return to the tropics. Our goal is to understand the energetics behind this overturning circulation.

Dansgaard-Oeschger Events
Dansgaard is a pioneer of Danish climate research; his observations in the sixties show that several times during the last 100,000 years Greenland warmed by some
ten degrees within only a decade, and then cooled down again over several centuries. The existence of these events is accepted, but their causes are still hotly contested. We investigate to what extent chaotic or stochastic ocean processes trigger them.

Staff and Students of TeamOcean

Markus Jochum Professor
Roman Nuterman (High Performance Computing) Research Scientist
Søren Borg Nielsen (Ocean Mixing) PhD Student
Mads Bruun Poulsen (Southern Ocean Dynamics) PhD Student
Dion Häfner (Rogue Waves) PhD Student
Laurits Støvring Andreasen (Dansgaard Oeschger Events) MSc Student
Steffen Randrup Kristensen (Carbon/Silicon interface) MSc Student
Kari Enger Leigland (Veros Development) BSc Student
Marta Mrozowska (Silicate Cycle) BSc Student

Alumni of TeamOcean

Master and bachelor students: Our work is based in theories and numerical simulations of ocean circulation. If you have a strong background in physics and mathematics we would very much like to talk to you, and together we can find an ocean-physics based project to work on. You are also welcome to talk to any of the oceanography students listed above.

Recommended courses for 1st Year students