Bornø Workshops, arranged by TeamOcean at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen

Bornø Summer School 2017
Ocean Waves
The Bornö Summer School 2017, 30. July - 12. August, taught waves in the ocean. Link to the dedicated website here

Bornø Workshop 2017
Southern Ocean
The Bornö Workshop 2017, 25. - 29. July, centered around the Dynamics and Thermodynamics of the Southern Ocean. Link to the dedicated website here

Bornø Workshop 2016
Ocean Turbulence
The first Bornö Workshop 2016, 25. - 29. July, was focused on ocean turbulence, in particular how measurements using microstructure profilers are carried out. Link to the dedicated website here.

Bornø Workshop 2016
Dansgaard/Oeschger events
The second Bornö workshop 2016, 1. - 5. August, on D/O events focused on climate variability on millenial scales as well as computational challenges within climate physics. Link to the dedicated website here.

Bornø Workshop 2015

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Again in 2015 Bornø Workshop was held at Bornø Research institute in Bohuslän in  Sweden from 20 to 27 July. Check out the full program and the participants list in the link here.

Bornø Workshop 2015
Watermass Transformation
Yet another workshop was held at Bornø Stationen in Bohuslän in Sweden in 2015, focusing on Watermass Transformation. Check out the program and participants in the link here

Bornø Workshop 2014
Northern Europe Oceanography Network

Information on Bornø Workshop 2014 here

Bornø Summerschool 2014
Earth-Life System

Information on Bornø Summer School 2014 here

Bornø Workshop 2013
The first of a series of summer events, organized by TeamOcean, the Bornö Summer School 2013 at Bornö research station near Trollhättan in Sweden was a collaboration between researchers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The weeklong stay was, apart from having an array of academic goals, intended to strengthen the professional collaboration in the field of Oceanography and climate research across the countries of the Nordic Seas regions in the future.
Go to the dedicated Bornö Summerschool 2013 website here