Recommended Courses for 1 Year Students – University of Copenhagen

Recommended courses for first year students:

Blok 1 Earth and Climate Physics (B)
- Christine Hvidberg
Paleoclimatology (C)
- Thomas Blunier
Blok 2 Inverse Problems (C)
- Thomas Mejer Hansen

General circulation of the atmosphere (A)
- Eigil Kaas
Blok 3 Glacier dynamics and modelling (B)
– Christine Hvidberg
Continuum Mechanics (C)
– Joachim Mathiesen
Blok 4

Steady ocean circulation (C)
– Markus Jochum

Atmospheric dynamical modelling (A)
– Eigil Kaas
Blok 5

Special Topics in Oceanography
Together with University of Hamburg, Oslo and Stockholm at Bornoe