Software developed by Solid Earth Physics and Geostatistics – University of Copenhagen

Software developed by Solid Earth Physics and Geostatistics


A Matlab toolbox for Sampling the solution to inverse problems with complex a priori models.

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See Hansen et al. 2013a,b (,


A C++ class for Multiple-Point based sequential Simulation.

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See Hansen et al. 2016. (

Developed in collaboration with I-GIS.


The use of phase equilibrium calculations to compute physical properties of rocks has become commonplace in geophysical modeling. Typically, the phase equilibrium calculations are used to construct two-dimensional tables of rock properties as a function of pressure and temperature. Phemgp is a Fortran program that can be used to assemble a three-dimensional table that accounts for compositional variations from two-dimensional tables.

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See Zunino et al., 2011 (


Geostatistical toolbox for Matlab : Contains native Matlab functions and Matlab interfaces to gstat, snesim and sgems.

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A Matlab toolbox for reading, writing and editing SEGY formatted files.

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A FOTRAN 77 code for sequential Simulation conditioned to noisy data of mixed support.

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See Hansen and Mosegaard, 2008. (


2D elastic finite difference waveform modeling. Especially efficent when simulation the elastic response from a target zone.

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See Hansen and Jacobsen, 2008 (