Staff & Students at the Climate and Computational Geophysics section, UCPH – University of Copenhagen

Staff & Students in the Climate and Computational Geophysics section

Oceanography Group

Markus Jochum
Professor in Oceanography
Head of Climate and Computational Geophysics Section
353 20606
Research Field:
High Latitude Oceanography
Roman Nuterman
Postdoc in Physical Oceanography
Research Field:
Micro- and meso-scale meteorology processes, integrated modelling for meteorological and chemical weather prediction
Søren Borg
PhD student in Oceanography
Research Field:
Impact of climate model sub-grid mixing parameterizations on the Arctic Ocean and Nordic Seas

Mads Bruun Poulsen
PhD student in Oceanography
Research Field:
Numerical studies on the effect of mesoscale eddies on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, as well as climate signal transmission in the ocean
Niklas Maximilian Heim
Bachelor student in Oceanography
Research Field:
Olga Lia Dimopoulou
Master's thesis student in Oceanography
Research Field:
Comparison of real sub-mesoscale eddies in the Baltic Sea with simulated ones and identification of missing dynamical processes

Meteorology Group

Eigil Kaas
Professor in Meteorology,
+45 3532 0514
+45 2614 9302

Research Field:
Climate dynamics, meteorology,

numerical methods in geophysical fluid dynamics and climate modelling. Integration of  atmospheric

dynamics and chemistry.

Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen
Professor in Meteorology

Research Field:

Kasper Hintz
Business PhD in Meteorology
Research Field:
Ida Ringgaard
PhD student in Meteorology
Research Field:
Martin Olesen
PhD student in Meteorology
Research Field:
PhD student within the ice2ice project with focus on regional climate modeling and climate projections for Arctic and Greenland in particular.
Mastaweshe Misganaw Engdaw
Master´s thesis student in Meteorology
Research Field:
Focus on assessing future changes in droughts in CORDEX regional climate models.
Anesten Devasakayam
MSc Student in Meteorology
Research Field:
In atmospheric modelling the semi-implicit numerical formulation is widely used. In my master thesis project i'm trying to replace the semi-implicit scheme with a local spatial filter

Solid Earth Physics Group

Klaus Mosegaard
Professor in Solid Earth Physics
21 66 45 66
Research Field:
Mathematical geosciences in general, inverse problems, geostatistics, seismology, energy resources exploration, hydrology, geomagnetism and planetary physics
Andrea Zunino
Assistant Professor in Solid Earth Physics
+45 3044 9698
Research Field: Probabilistic inverse problems in geophysics, seismology,  thermal state, composition and internal structure of the Earth, geostatistics

Sarouyeh Khoshkholgh
PhD Student in Solid Earth Physics

Research Field:
Development of uncertainty quantification methods based on a consistent, probabilistic approach to geophysical/ geostatistical inversion and flow data analysis

Iris Fernandes
PhD student in Solid Earth Physics

Research Field:

Mads Christian Lund Lorentzen
Master's thesis student in Solid Earth Physics

Research Field:
Inversion of 4D seismic data with geomechanical constraints - investigation of oil field subsidence and reservoir compaction due to hydrocarbon production.

Óli D. Jóhannsson
PhD student in Solid Earth Physics

Research Field:
Computational Geophysics, Multiple Point Statistics


Bente Markussen

Section Secretary

Coordinating facilities for students and staff members

Adjunct Professors:

Søren Gregersen
GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Alexander Baklanov
Danish Meteorological Institute

Larsen, Søren E.
Risø, DTU

Olsen, Nils


Mats Lund Gulbrandsen
Former PhD student at Climate and Geophysics
Mathematical and Computational Geoscience
+45 3044 9792
Research Field:
Semi-automatic geological modeling based on geophysical data.

Former Visitors:

Jingyuan Xi
Visiting PhD student from Qingdao, China
Research Field:
Air-Sea interaction in the tropical ocean and near intertial waves in model simulations

Yanli Jia
Ocean Modelling Specialist
University of Hawaii

Kelvin Richards

Professor in Oceanography
University of Hawaii


Akwasi Afrifa Acheampong
GNSS Meteorology

Natalia Danichenko
Masters Student in Meteorology