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Courses in Solid Earth Physics

Blok: Titel: Level: ETCS: Language:
1 Jorden og de terrestriske planeter (Geofys3) Bachelor 7.5 Danish
2 Inverse problemer Master 7.5 English

Earth Structure and Processes

Master 7.5 English
4 Advanced Seismology Master 7.5 English

Courses in Oceanography


Blok: Titel: Level: ETCS: Language:
1 Paleo-Climatogy Master 7,5 English
1 Earth and Climate Physics Master 7,5 English
2 General circulation of the Atmosphere Master 7,5 English
2 Inverse Problems Master 7,5 English
3 Glacier Dynamics and Modelling Master 7,5 English
3 Continuum Mechanics Master 7,5 English
4 Steady Ocean Circulation Master 7,5 English
4 Dynamical Models for Climate and NWP Master 7,5 English